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Why MEC+?

Because we are passionate about precision mechanical processing and attention to detail! We are precise, flexible, innovative and highly specialised, and we know how to turn your ideas into reality, on time.

Our past is firmly rooted in the western area of the region of Friuli Venezia Giulia, in north-east Italy. MEC+ Srl was founded in 2003, when two existing and already consolidated firms merged: T.M. (founded in 1988 and specialised in assembling and fitting components for the textile industry) and Mec+ (founded in 1999 and specialised in mechanical processing and building prototypes).

Innovation, flexibility and quality”: this is the motto that, over time, has allowed us to become highly specialised in producing subcontracted precision mechanics components. Our products are used in various different sectors both in Italy and abroad.

The end result, both in terms of technology and professionalism, is fruit of our ongoing human and financial commitment, with a strategy based on:

Valorizzazione dell’uomo Human value
Industria 4.0 Industry 4.0
Trasparenza e qualità Transparency and quality
Soddisfazione del cliente Customer satisfaction
Apertura al mondo Globally minded

The team

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