We also offer our customer after-sales support.
Based on specifications, we also provide quality reports related to the different assembly and testing phases.


The quality of our products is guaranteed by the expertise of qualified technical personnel who are able to follow, support and advise the customer and with the help of measuring technology.


We offer a complete service of prototype creation based on the customer's specifications, mechanical turning and milling as well as mechanical assemblies.


We offer customised solutions according to the specific needs of the customer in terms of prototype construction, mechanical turning and milling and complex mechanical assemblies.


We consider it essential to work in a transparent way and in cooperation with our customers in order to optimize times and the final product.


We guarantee the quality of our products through a scrupulous control and continuous training of our employees.

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Company with certified management system
ISO 9001:2008

Mechanical processing

Sub-contracted processing of mechanical parts

Mec+ Sub-contracted precision mechanical processing. Precision mechanical processing with preproduction and sampling services of mechanical parts, detailed mechanical engineering and prototyping in general. Mec+ mechanical engineering company that deals with: mechanical engineering, mechanical subcontracting, CNC machining, prototype construction, sub-contracted mechanical processing, mechanical turning, mechanical milling, sheet metal working, precision structural work processing, precision mechanical processing, automatic turning, welding, drilling, milling, special processes and surface finishes on request, mechanical assemblies, custom, project and design mechanical processing, mechanical production machines and much more. Custom mechanical processing prototyping, CNC turning and milling (cad cam) on stainless steel, copper, aluminium, titanium, invar, brass, iron and plastics. Precision machine shop (machining, turning and milling) process for various sectors from medical to constructions, we make mechanical pieces for the furniture, marine and automotive sectors.

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