"Evolve while remaining the same." This was the request we made to the creative web agency W3 design, which restyled our logo.

We wanted to maintain continuity with the version already known in the precision machining sector, but something seemed outdated and we felt it no longer fully represented us.

Here is the 2003 version of our logo.

The version we chose, from among the proposals made by the web agency, modernises the style of our logo, making it more minimalist and incisive

The '+' symbol, which in the old version flanked the 'MEC' logotype, is now incorporated into it, creating a 'perfect fit'.

The perfect fit expresses our values of: listening, sharing ideas, precision and attention to detail.

The colours, font and payoff (Machining Assembly Prototyping) used in the first version, remained unchanged.

We are very pleased with this restyling, which bring us it in the present.

Did we intrigue you? Discover our passion for precision mechanics and our activities:
sampling and prototyping
assembly and customisation

Thanks to our collaboration with reliable, competent partners, we are able to offer our customers a wide range of surface and thermal treatments, as well as other processing solutions such as anodising, phosphate conversion coating, burnishing, galvanising, chrome-plating, hardening and carburising, induction hardening, toothing, surface finishes and grinding. 

If you need advice: CONTACT US! We will be happy to listen carefully to your needs in order to find a customised solution together. You will find the most convenient way to contact us on our website.

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